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What's Your Favorite Decade for Music?

Sometimes, I'm asked what's my favorite decade for music. Being a baby boomer, I quickly answer the 1960's. If asked what decade brings back the most memories, I must add the 1970's as well. In the 1960's, the music was very diverse. You had the early girl groups, crooners like Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Steve Lawrence on the charts with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. It was the decade for the British Invasion, flower power, protest songs, folk songs along with some novelty tunes.

In the 1960's, I became very interested in radio. I loved listening to the pop stations playing music that I loved and hearing voices that made me believe that the world was a good place and fun place. The DJ's of yesteryear were strong forces in the entertainment business back then. Radio,and records were the only media available for listening to your favorite songs. Music filled the air at the beaches. You could stroll down the beach in New Jersey and hear Dan Ingram on WABC everywhere. It was the coolest thing! I would sit and listen to the radio at home, bring a portable transister radio (remember those?) outside and take long walks and listen to my favorites DJ's and songs. I would imagine what the DJ's were doing behind the scenes and wished that I could do the same thing.

The music and memories never die and I'm glad that I lived through the sixties and seventies. Great music, happy lyrics and entertaining DJ's!

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