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Don Imus Retiring

Don Imus announced that he will be retiring from his syndicated radio show on March 29. Imus now 77 years old said on his radio show that the bankruptcy of Cumulus Media which syndicates Imus in the Morning had required a change of plans. Imus came to New York in 1971 where he worked at WNBC.

I had the opportunity of driving "Mr. Imus" to his car when he visited our college radio station WPSC back in 1973. I had a clunkity old 1966 Chevy Impala. Imus was parked in one of the distant parking lots across campus. He got in my car and the car stalled for the entire trip across campus. Imus remarked " you should get rid of this piece of shit." I guess that should be considered a compliment by the shock jock!

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