About 46 years ago I walked into Hobart Hall at William Paterson University. I was anxious because my goal was to get onto the college radio station WPSC which at that time was a carrier current station that only covered the campus and dorms. As soon as I walked in that door, and up those stairs, I knew that my life would change! I auditioned (and was awful) but was given a show and met some of the best people of my life! I then worked for over 25 years in radio and now run this station Edgewater Gold Radio. All thanks to the people and experience that I got at my first gig WPSC AM 590.

Today WPSC is a premier FM college station serving northern New Jersey on 88.7FM and the world on the internet.

Prof. Robert Quicke runs the station and every year hosts an alumni takeover weekend. This year, this event is scheduled for March 23rd, 24th and 25th. Alumni from past years do two hour radio shows. This year, I'm scheduled on Sat. March 24th from 1pm - 3pm. I hope you'll listen! We are so appreciative to William Paterson University and Robert Quicke for letting us "old timers" come back, reconnect, talk about old times and play their favorite music! It is always a fun, wonderful event for all!