Gladys Knight Explains Why She Still Looks and Feels Great!

This article was published by Billboard News on Feb. 13, 2018.

Gladys Knight caused the Internet to collectively clutch its pearls when she stepped out for Clive Davis’ annual Grammy party last month.

Now, as the saying goes “black don’t crack,” but it is understood that it may begin to sag at some point. Not for Ms. Knight! The 73-year-old stunned wearing a floor-length gown while showing off her mega-watt smile, smooth skin and minimal make up to enhance her natural beauty. Folks began to talk and assumed while no one was looking, she got on that midnight train not to Georgia, but to the nearest plastic surgeon.

It’s been about two weeks since Davis’ party and Knight took to social media to clear up the rumors. According to the four-time Grammy award winning entertainer, her refreshed look comes down to good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise.