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More Mass Murders, More Greed, Denial and Evil and Yet Again, Congress Does Nothing!

We don't normally post disturbing news stories but the events that unfolded in Florida this week really angered me. Steps to controlling this growing problem are so simple yet politicians are so greedy and self centered that they refuse to take any action. Evil continues to spread through our country! Below is an article published by Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the wake of yet another mass shooting in America, the predictable responses are already pouring in. The do-nothing crowd of NRA-funded Republican politicians are mechanically offering their utterly meaningless "thoughts and prayers" and blaming everything and anything other than guns. Meanwhile, the gun control crowd (of which I'm a proud member) is once again urging politicians to do something, anything, to try to quell the bloodshed. Fox News commentators then complain that it's too early to politicize the tragedy. We gun control types say, "If not now, when?" And then nothing happens other than another school shooting a few days later. This is the state of mass gun violence in modern-day America.


Stop Making Mass Murder a Meme

'Thoughts and prayers' aren't enough – but sarcastic and outraged reactions to them aren't much better

This cycle is depressing, and it's literally killing us. So how do we get out of it? How can we move the stubbornly immovable guns-above-all-else crowd into action? Maybe with this one simple question: "What will it take to get you to agree to gun control?"

Ask that question, and see what the answer is. Because right now, what's going on is clearly not enough for the "thoughts and prayers" crowd. Regular school shootings is not enough. Killing 20 six and seven year olds in elementary school is also not enough. Over 500 injured and almost 60 killed at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas and 50 killed at a night club in Orlando – also not enough. Mass shootings at colleges, movie theaters, churches, temples, office buildings, restaurants, post offices, community centers, homes, and other places – not enough. Not even a shooting of a Republican member of Congress at a GOP baseball practice was enough to move politicians into action.

So what if the gun violence happened more frequently? What if there were multiple school shootings every day? And what if each one of them was like yesterday's or like Sandy Hook, with about 20 kids killed? Would that be enough to spur people into action? Maybe when 40 or more school kids are killed every single day, Congress will find a way to act. But then again, maybe they would once more do nothing.

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