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Smart Cities

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Internet radio is growing in leaps and bound but internet technology in general is about to take a big leap getting you connected to a city's infrastructure.

Smart City

Smart City IoT projects will focus on improving the lives of people that live in the world’s biggest metropolises.

This technology will help to streamline transportation, by collecting massive amounts of data regarding traffic, parking lots, and public transit.

Thanks to Smart City projects, delayed trains and sitting in hours of traffic may be a thing of the past.

These technologies even use cameras to monitor the traffic flow. This means that traffic lights will operate according to the levels of congestion. Public transit riders will get real-time updates regarding when a bus or subway will arrive.

Smart City technology will also influence the overall infrastructure of a city. This helps to improve predictive maintenance estimates. It also assists in the control of potential public health crises, and creates better city planning strategies.

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