Radio Station's Image and Consistency

Working in radio for over 30 years, I've learned several things that will determine the success of your station. Nothing annoys me more than turning on a station whether it be a terrestrial AM or FM station, or an internet station and not knowing what or who I'm listening to. The proper imaging will let your audience know who you are and in most cases the format of your station. It's critical to use appropriate imaging all the time! The major issue that affects many stations is that they are not consistent. They really have no format and whoever attempts to listen may hear a rock song they like, then without any imaging or transition they'll hear a jazz song. This will not only alienate but eliminate your audience. I'm not saying that we should sacrifice variety for consistency . Edgewater Gold Radio plays a large variety of oldies. We play the power oldies that everyone knows but we also feature older songs from the 50s and early 60's. All songs were on the charts but some were not in the top ten. Pop Standards are also featured from this period. All of our imaging reflects exactly what we do. Keep it consistent and let the audience know who they're listening to is my message today!