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Parents Should Monitor Their Childrens' app

March 13, 2018 at 9:20 am

Parents are always worried about what their children are watching, listening to or downloading. Here's another thing to look out for. This article was issued by CBS News.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A popular app that your child may be using could be dangerous if they aren’t using it carefully.

The app seems harmless enough. Users can lip sync, make music videos and show off their creativity; but there’s a dark side. Parents take note.

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Searches for words like sexy or skinny can lead your children to videos you would not want them to see, or possibly worse.

Crystal Sedavie, an investigator for Holmen Wisconsin Police says that if children are not monitored it could, “lead down a path of cyber bullying or being approached by predators asking them to do inappropriate things.”

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Just like other social media sites there is a private setting on the app.

Public safety advises parents to make sure the app is set to private and keep a close eye on their children.


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