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Looking for Vinyl? - Try Gidgets Gadgets in Downtown Rehoboth Beach!

Everything old is new again. What goes around comes around. These phrases hold true all the time. Fads come and go. Who ever thought that vinyl records would make a comeback?

Rehoboth Beach has so many hidden treasures one is Gidgets Gadgets on Rehoboth Ave. Entering the store gives you a nostalgic feeling of days gone by. The store is filled with vintage toys and gadgets that trigger great memories of yesteryear. Recently, Gidgets Gadgets has added lots of vinyl records to it's inventory. There's nothing better than experiencing the warm sound of your favorite music spinning on the turntable. If you're looking for vinyl records to add to your collection, try Gidgets Gadgets! It's a real hidden treasure in downtown Rehoboth Beach!

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