Radio Alumni Takeover Weekend - Music, Fun and Friendship!

About 46 years ago, I walked into my college radio station (WPSC – William Paterson University) with the hopes of getting a show and playing great music. Being so new to the school and not knowing anyone, I was apprehensive a little scared and not sure of the outcome. After auditioning, I did get a show and thus began my 46 year journey into the world of radio.

During my time at WPSC, I met some great people, learned so much about radio and music. Much of the music I wasn’t familiar with. I learned to love a whole new world of various music genres. The years passed so quickly that before I knew it, graduation time was fast approaching. During those few short years, the radio station became a central focal point of my college experience.

After graduation, everyone went our separate ways. Some went into radio, some went into different careers and some like myself split my career between business and radio. I held a full tie job but worked in commercial radio part time for over 35 years sometimes working for two stations at one time.

About nine years ago, I received a very disturbing phone call and learned that one of our friends at WPSC had passed away and that a reunion was being planned.. I was encouraged to set up an account on Face Book so I can keep track of the plans for this reunion. It was amazing! All of my friends and colleagues throughout the years were now connected via social media. We began having regular reunions and would love getting together sharing each other’s lives.

Several years later the college radio station where we all met, set up alumni takeover weekends. Once a year we get together, socialize and do air shifts on the now, well established FM facility (WPSC –WP 88.7). This weekend, we got together once again and took over the radio station bringing a variety of great music, sharing stories and enjoying each others company in the environment we love. WPSC is now an award winning FM station and we’re all proud to be a part of it since it’s early days as a carrier current campus only station.

Times changes, technology changes, lives change but the bonds of radio and friendship stay the same and remains strong to this day. I am truly blessed to be a part my WPSC radio family!