Joe Biden Comes to His Home State to Share His Thoughts on Gun Violence. - News Journal Article

WILMINGTON, Del. — Former Vice President Joe Biden said he skipped the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., to share his thoughts in his home state of Delaware.

"Folks, too many people are dying," Biden said Saturday in Wilmington at a local rally. "Too many children are being hurt.

In a city where more kids are shot than anywhere else in the nation, people of all generations gathered to say they have had enough.

You're forcing people to look squarely in the eye what they don't want to face," he said. Biden's sentiments underscored the action of today's rallies across the USA.

Police cars blocked off the streets here on Saturday morning as hundreds joined the local March for Our Lives protest, shouting “Balance, not bullets!” and “No more silence! End gun violence!”

Melinda Penn, who joined families and students for the event, said she and her husband, Bob, were on the University of Texas at Austin campus in 1966 when former Marine Charles Whitman climbed the tower and opened fire.

“It was so horrible,” Penn said. “We had never heard of such a thing happening. It’s horrible that we’re here 50 years later — 50 years is too long for this to be going on.”

The Penns along with about 400 others marched from Howard High School of Technology to Rodney Square, rallying for school safety and stricter gun laws.