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Jimmy Fallon Serenades Kathy Lee and Hoda on Their 10 Year Anniversary Show

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb taped their 10 year anniversary special Wednesday night (April 5) to celebrate 10 years of hosting the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show -- and got a special musical surprise!

Jimmy Fallon, in his best Kenny Rogers suit, false beard and hairdo, stopped by as a surprise to serenade the ecstatic pair with Rogers’ hit “Through The Years.”

Fallon’s spot-on rendition had the whole crowd singing along, culminating with Fallon dropping to his knees for a show-stopping, climactic note and dance move.

“What happened today was epic … him walking down those stairs, I can picture it, singing Kenny Rodgers, I can’t believe it happened! We were like, ‘this isn’t happening!'” Kotb told People.

Meanwhile, the real 79-year-old Rogers recently announced he was canceling his farewell tour due to health challenges. While we all wish Rogers a speedy recovery, it’s abundantly clear his tunes have lost none of their power to get a crowd on their feet -- even through Fallon’s pipes.

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