Focus, Promotion and Advertising are key in Internet Radio and LPFM

Internet and LPFM are not like large, commercial radio stations. The advertisers and audience isn't going to be banging at your door. With LPFM, your audience is very small. You need to zero in on your target. Who are you trying to reach and how are you going to reach them? You will never acquire a huge audience so if you live in a seasonal, resort area, forget about the tourists. They could care less about you. Sure it's always great to acquire some of them but it should not be your main focus. Instead you should be aiming at local year round residents. They should know you exist. Flyers, advertising and community involvement are key. You have to do this all the time and should be doing some form of it every single day!.

Internet radio is different in that your reach is international. So you are placed in a worldwide pool where you become a spec. Your format has to be consistent and you always should stay focused on who your audience is. Always look at listening statistics to see where your audience is coming from. Pay close attention at the time of day the audience increases and decreases. Also make any modifications to your format very slowly . Monitor how these changes affect your audience. If you're also aiming at a local audience, promote, promote promote! I spend at least two hours per day promoting Edgewater Gold Radio. I prepare brochures, visit local businesses, prepare blogs,write social media postings etc. It takes lots of patience. You want to see a slow steady increase in your audience over a period of time. If you bury your head in the sand and think that the audience will come, you're sadly mistaken. You will see very quickly that nobody cares about you or your station. Especially in a day where there are so many other options.