Summer Music Power!

I remember growing up listening to the radio at the beach, on the balcony of the motel or hotel while on vacation, at Crestwood Lake in Allendale NJ , lying in my grandmother's backyard, in the car going to the Jersey shore with my friends or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. My radio went everywhere with me. The songs that I heard during those memorable years were the songs that I associate most with the Summer.

I'm attempting to preserve those great times with great Summer memories on Edgewater Gold Radio. It's not just a dump of music in a computer like some local stations do but radio similar to the way it used back in the 60s and 70s. This includes jingles, promotions, personality and a sound that makes you feel great in during the summertime. We're your Summer music power station. Enjoy your Summer and enjoy the great tunes on Edgewater Gold Radio!