Internet and Low Power FM -- What NOT to do!

If you desire to run an internet or Low Power FM radio station, you must put forth the effort to ensure that it's even worth doing. After all, it's an investment and your purpose is to acquire an audience and serve the public. Remember the word PUBLIC. If you want to serve yourself, just listen to Pandora or Spotify.

Besides planning and implementing the technical aspects of getting the station on the air, first and foremost you must have a format in place. Take the time to develop a plan that can be enhanced as the station progresses. If you are a Low Power FM, you should make sure that there are enough elements in place before getting the station on the air. We have a LPFM in Delaware that went on the air in October and here it is almost June and there is still no programming at all on the air. A mix of music with no defined format plays from a computer. There is no structure or anything! There is some station identification, but no imaging and basically nothing at all to offer anyone. There is no reason why anyone would want to listen. As a person with a passion for radio, I tune in once in awhile to see if there is anything that indicates a step in the right direction but continually see not one step of progress. It's clear that at this point that this station has no direction. One live show airs per week for a few hours. There is no promotion and nothing giving anyone a reason to listen. After nearly nine months on the air, there should be a solid format, solid direction and purpose . The station should be an active member of the community.

If you are running an internet station the same holds true. Who are you trying to reach and how are you going to accomplish this? Take this as an example of what NOT to do. Put lots of effort into your station. Keep the audience in mind and give them a reason to tune in!