Major Radio Flubs---- Murphy's Law - If Anything Can Go Wrong, it Will and At The Worst Possible

Everyone working in radio has stories...lots of them. In my case murphy's law applied in several instances while on the air. If anything can go wrong it will and at the worst possible moment. There's one major fopa's that always stands out,. It occurred at the first commercial station I worked at in 1978. It was my second time on the air at WSUS in Sussex County, NJ. I was still getting familiar with the equipment, format structure and where everything was located. I was on from 11pm until 6am on Saturday. At the time of the disaster, I was playing the 12" of Gloria Gaynors' I Will Survive. I loved that song and was bopping around the studio while it was playing. I wasn't paying attention to the fact that I had a commercial break coming up next. Now picture this. The cart rack containing the commercials was located along side the turntable that was playing Gloria Gaynor. I panicked since there was only a few seconds left in the song and I had to find and cue up the commercials. I spun the commercial rack around so hard that it tipped over and fell on top of the turntable and broke Gloria Gaynor into a million pieces, made and incredible crashing noise on the air. I was stunned and froze up. I was staring at the bunch of carts piled on the floor and there was one spinning around on the turntable! The phone began to light up! Gloria gone, the studio a mess and me just standing there. I started picking up the pieces of Gloria strewn all over the floor and tried to put the commercial carts back in order.......but wait! Nothing was going out over the air and the phones were lit up! I quickly put on a record and disconnected all of the calls. I was looking for that big red hotline button to flash meaning that the boss was calling and I was fired but that never happened. I muddled through the rest of the night very embarrassed then, at the end of my shift, I had to get rid of the evidence so I took the bag containing the remains of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive and threw it in the dumpster outside. Whew!! I survived even though Gloria didn't.