Advantages of Internet Radio

One of the greatest things that access to the Internet gives us is choice. The World Wide Web was not available to the public for long before some enterprising individuals decided that the Internet was an ideal tool for bringing choice to music, and Internet radio was born. Internet radio has several advantages over terrestrial, or land-based, radio and other music distribution systems, and if you enjoy music, you're certain to find something to like about Internet radio.

Internet radio uses the internet to carry it's signal to anyone who has access to the internet. Your not bound by signal restrictions as you are with terrestrial radio. The signal is crystal clear and contains no interference as terrestrial radio does.

Access to internet radio has gotten much easier and portable over the years. There are apps like Tunein, Nobex and thousands of others that carry thousands of internet radio stations. So you can easily on your mobile device. There are also internet specific radios that you can purchase and listen anywhere that there is an internet connection. Internet radio is now available in some cars and will soon be available in most vehicles.Small transmitters are available to sent your internet radio stream to an FM radio. We are not bound to listening from only a computer anymore.

Variety is one of the Biggest Advantages

The variety of stations available is Internet radio's greatest strength. Internet radio choices extend far beyond basic genres such as classic rock and pop. If you like music from the 1980s, you can select anything from new wave to hip-hop. If you like electronic music, you can choose trance, ambient, video game soundtracks and more. A streaming radio station is available for virtually every taste, no matter how obscure.

Fewer Advertisements

The costs of running an Internet radio station are high, but the costs of running a terrestrial radio station are far higher. Internet radio stations generally broadcast very few commercials compared to terrestrial radio stations, which must broadcast a steady stream of commercials in order to pay the bills. Some Internet radio stations are supported by donations or subscriptions — or play royalty-free music — and have no commercials at all.

Thanks to Techwalla for providing some of this information.