Internet Radio Stream Down? Where Do You Begin to Troubleshoot?

If you're a broadcaster, probably one of the most frustrating situations is when your internet radio stream goes down. Where to you begin to figure out what the heck happened? At first an overwhelming feeling comes over you. Here are a few steps to take to determine where the problem originates.

1. If you are broadcasting live, check the internet connection in the area where your programming originates.

2. Check your automation system. Is the program still playing? Does the system indicate that you are still on the air?

3. Check your encoders to verify that you are still connected.

4. Go to your stream providers website. Is the site up? If it is, click on some of the other stations. Are they down too?

5. If they are are down, then the problem probably originates from your stream provider.

6. Check the message boards on the providers Facebook page or the message board on their website. You should see that other users streams are also down.

7. Follow status updates from your stream provider so you can follow the progress for the resolution of the problem.

Of course if the problem does not originate from your stream provider, you'll have to determine where in our audio chain the problem originates and work to solve it.