Windows 10 Updates Causes Edgewater Gold Radio to Go Down!

Yesterday was a very harrowing day in the world of technology. The operating system running Edgewater Gold Radio got corrupt and caused the system to go into an endless automatic repair mode. Microsoft Windows 10 was the route of the problem. Apparently it pushes automatic updates through even though the computer is set for manual updates only. An update completely damaged my operating system and caused Edgewater Gold Radio to go down. After 12 hours of trouble shooting, and re-installing the operating system, restoring Nextkast, the program that runs Edgewater Gold Radio and working with the software Developer to stabilize the system, at 11:00pm we finally got the station back up and running normally. I still have some tweaking to do but we're back in business.

Luckily Edgewater Gold Radio was never off the air. As soon as the system crashed, the Auto DJ kicked in. It's a program I have running in the cloud. It's very basic but it does keep the station on the air in the event of an outage. The worst part of the problem when a system crashes is finding out what caused it and working to resolve it.

The following article in Forbes Magazine describes the problem with Window 10 in some detail:

Last week Microsoft MSFT +0.32% confirmed every Windows 10 update will mandatory and installed automatically. This was met with a hostile reception from Forbes readers with over 100 comments on my news article voicing their concern. And now some of those fears have been realized…

With just four days left before launch, Windows 10’s policy of automatic updates has run into its first major problem and it is causing many PCs to stop working correctly.

Dreadful Drivers

The flaw revolves around Nvidia graphics cards with users taking to Nvidia’s forums to report Windows Update is automatically installing new drivers which break multimonitor setups, SLI (dual card) configurations and can even stop PCs booting entirely which pushes Windows 10 into its emergency recovery mode.

“Please pull these off Windows update!!!” writes Nvidia forum poster slycoder. “It makes my second monitor not work and lots of flickering! Please. I roll back and Windows Update reinstalls them