Local Internet Radio...A Delicate Balance

The question, can an internet radio station also be local? The answer is yes it can but you must also keep in mind that most of your listeners may not be local. So how do we accomplish this? First of all your format must provide a steady stream of content that everyone can listen to. The local part comes when you include brief bits of local information. For instance, local weather, short local news, local events and anything that is specific to the area that you're covering. The balance is to retain the audience that is not local. You have to provide interesting content for your local and international audience. Not an easy thing to accomplish but it can be done.

Edgewater Gold Radio is located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This is a resort town where lots of event happen all the time.

Just to note, a low power FM station went on the air about nine months ago but has never done anything at all to service the community which they should be doing. Outside of looped music with no format, the station is just wasting space on the frequency.

Edgewater Gold Radio has a growing audience both locally and internationally. Our format is a large variety of oldies and popular standards. We feature music that traditional FM doesn't play anymore so that's the part that gets a worldwide audience. We also feature information on lots of local events happening here at the beaches. This includes local weather, ferry schedules, special events, races, theater, parades etc. Our website includes links to everything happening here at the beaches. The key is to keep the music flowing all the time. So these special events and other local information is kept very brief but heard very frequently. The station has a "beachy and local feel" but our music grabs everyone who enjoys listening to all kinds of oldies. We will never stop the music for a talk show. The music and local events flow all the time!

You must maintain a delicate balance to maintain an audience.