Steve Miller and Peter Frampton to Release Album

Steve Miller and Peter Frampton have revealed plans to release a joint album. Miller broke the news in a recent interview with Billboard.

"Jamming together has turned out to be a real interesting thing," Miller said. "We're just having fun. It's an added bonus to the tour, just a really, really great musical combination. [The record] is pretty much everything we've jammed from last year up through this year. ... As we go on we'll add more tunes -- some Muddy Waters things and some Ray Charles things. We're going through all of our favorite blues tunes and playing them."

A release date for the joint album has yet to be confirmed but Miller believes it will see release "probably in the next year. We've assembled a lot of it, and we're listening to it and we're going, 'Oh, that's a really good take. Oh this is really great.' And when it's done it's done, and that's when we'll put it out."

Miller and Frampton are currently on the road together on their second summer tour.