Millennials Format Preferences

Edgewater Gold Radio is not a station for millennials although we welcome millennials that happen to like an oldies format. Our station's main audience is older baby boomers ages 55+. Our format consists of oldies that cover the 50s 60s 70s 80s and also include pop standards. We play doo wop as well as songs that are considered classic hits. We include disco and some R&B. It's great for baby boomers but millennials can't really relate because they didn't live through these very influential decades however, it is interesting to see that 4.2% of millennials listen to classic hits. Here's a radio format chart showing the formats that today's millennials listen to the most.

1. Pop Contemporary Hit radio - 10.9%

2.Country - 8.4%

3.Adult Contemporary - 8%

4.Hot Adult Contemporary - 6.6%

5.Urban Contemporary - 6.2%

6. Mexican Regional - 4.9%

7.Classic Rock - 4.2%

8.Classic Hits - 4.2%