A Tribute to My Two Radio Inspirations

In the 1960's, there was no vulgarity on radio. Radio DJ's were truly talented personalities using music, humorous and positive comments to entertain us and make us feel that it was going to be a great day! Radio was a medium of the imagination. There were no music videos, we couldn't see our favorite radio personalities doing their show so we relied only on what we heard.

Each morning I would wake up to the voice of Herb Oscar Anderson on WABC in New York.

His voice was outstanding and it made me dream of someday becoming a radio DJ. I felt as if he was a companion cheering me up and getting me ready to face another day at school while entertaining me with my favorite songs. He also sang his song "Hello Again." several times during the show. I would wait until he sang this song at the end of the 8:00am news and then leave for school humming it on my way down the steps and out the door.

In 1968 Herb Oscar Anderson left the station but was quickly replaced by Harry Harrison. Even though I was upset that Herb Oscar left, I quickly attached myself to the upbeat positive voice of Harry Harrison. My passion to get into radio increased and I frequently wrote to Harry. He responded to every letter that I would send him.One time, he called my house and invited my up to see his show live. I was so excited to see him that I lost sleep the previous night. He gave me great advice and I eventually was able to break into the radio business.

These two men were legends in their field. They sustained top morning ratings for many years without insulting comments, vulgarity, sex talk, exclusion or anything that radio is today! I still miss those days when radio was really radio!