Increasing Local and Internet Radio Audiences

Starting a LPFM local radio station or internet radio station comes with an overwhelming amount of tasks. From acquiring space, licenses, engineering and equipment and developing a programming format, antenna site (for LPFM) and reliable staff can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

Once your station is on the air, building and maintaining an audience is a priority. In today's world, competition for listeners is fierce to say the least. Back in radio's heyday, terrestrial radio stations could command a 25% or higher share of the entire listening audience in a metropolitan area. WABC in New York did just that. It was consistently number 1 in the market and claimed over 25% of the entire radio listening audience in the New York metropolitan area. At the time, the area consisted of about 11 million people so you can just imagine the number of listeners that were tuned to WABC. Today the amount of radio listeners has decreased dramatically and today in New York City , the number one station barely claims 5% of the radio audience!

Owners of small internet local radio stations must constantly promote, promote, promote. Advertising is expensive but you need to put yourself out there by using social media, word of mouth, special promotions, local newspapers and news websites, flyers or anything to get the word out.

Don't expect dramatic results, you're not going to get them. With Edgewater Gold Radio, I develop newsletters, flyers and pay for facebook and other online ads. I try to run an ad once a mouth. These can also get expensive so I limit my spending budget from $25 - $50 a month. Look for slow, steady growth. One day audience spikes are usually followed by a disappointing dramatic statistic drop the next.

Persistence is a must. Just keep it going! Expect growth in small steps because that's all you're going to get and never, ever, ever expect the numbers radio stations like WABC once had. It will NEVER happen again!