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Joni Mitchell's Isle Of Wight Performance Set For DVD Release

Sometimes you can change your opinion of an artist. Back in the seventies, a friend of mine loved Joni Mitchell and I just couldn't bring myself to appreciate her. As the years went by, I really began to appreciate her talent and now enjoy hearing her music.

RTI NEWS released a report indicating that a performance of Joni Mitchell's Isle or Wight is set for DVD release.

Sometimes it takes time to appreciate certain types of artists.

Here's the article:

A concert movie based on Joni Mitchell's 1970 Isle Of Wight performance is set to come out on DVD and Blu-ray, with new interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Eagle Vision will release Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now: Live At The Isle of Wight Festival on September 14.

The film features some early hits of the 9-time Grammy Award winner such as "Woodstock," "Both Sides Now," "A Case Of You" and "Big Yellow Taxi."

Fate didn't allow the film's Oscar Award-winning director to see his creation come to light, as Murray Lerner died in September 2017, shortly after completing the project.

The Isle Of Wight festival was one of the largest musical events ever, but was marred by an agitated audience of 600,000.

In a press release, Eagle Vision recalled Mitchell's performance as "a battle against the audience, as they tore down barriers and shouted obscenities."

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