Disco Comes To Edgewater Gold Radio

There was an era of music that was the rage at the time but it only lasted a relatively short period of time. Disco swept the nation from the mid-70's to the early 80's. The first time I walked into a disco, I heard this pulsating music, and saw an array of lights everywhere. People were dancing and having a great time. There was a room where people were lined up doing a dance called "the walk." You didn't have to have a partner, you just joined the line and followed along moving in sequence to the pulsating beat. . Of course, I got confused and bumped into everyone and even spilled a guys drink. I turned backward instead of forward! A bumpy start to the guilty pleasures which were about to come! I began going to the clubs with friends on Fridays and Saturday nights and enjoying the music and excitement.

Radio stations were playing disco music and several stations changed their format to all disco.

After giving it some thought, I decided to include an all classic disco show on Edgewater Gold Radio. We feature all the classic disco hits plus mixes from the clubs. The show is called Dance Fever 54 and airs 7pm - 12mid eastern time on Saturday nights. It's music that brings back the excitement of the disco era. It's another way to re-live your memories on Edgewater Gold Radio.