You Gotta Have A Backup Plan

Being a Libra, everything has to be in the proper balance. I live my life always thinking "what if?" Sometimes this could be a bad thing but most of the time it's good to think about planning ahead and having a backup plan in the event something happens.

Today, I'll tell you about a "backup plan" for my station Edgewater Gold Radio. Currently, Edgewater Gold Radio runs live from my home studio. It's the place where I can voicetrack, do live shows, produce playlists and do all of my production work. The system works great, like clockwork actually but what if something happens? It occasionally does.

Edgewater Gold Radio runs on a computer and uses a cable wifi system. The encoders send the signal to Live 365 where it's broadcast to the public. As you could see, trouble can stem for multiple sources. If my station goes down, the problem could be at Live 365, or my cable wifi system, my automation system or even from my own computer.

So what happens if Edgewater Gold Radio loses it's connection? I am happy to say, that in most cases, the station will not go off the air and will not drop any listeners. This is due to an Auto DJ system that originates from a cloud at Live 365. As soon as the original connection is lost, the Auto DJ kicks in. The only thing the audience will notice is that the song that was originally playing suddenly switches. The Auto DJ runs in the background all the time.

The backup system, in this case, the Auto DJ has to be maintained. I spend time enhancing this system, creating rotations, uploading music, updating the PSA and event list. The more you put in, the more you get out in the event of an outage. Some stations will merely upload music and a few liners. I aim to maintain a more enhanced backup system. It is a "smaller version" of Edgewater Gold Radio. Less music is in the rotation, there are a limited amount of jingles and liners and also a limited amount of community events. After all a backup system is just that. We always anticipate the return of our live broadcast as soon as possible. In the event of a longer outage, the Auto DJ will be continually enhanced to maintain quality programming!

My advice, if you run any radio station...always have a backup plan!