Don't Get Hung Up on Small Details When Running An Online Station or LPFM

Running a radio station is no small task. There are so many things happening all the time and so many things that can go wrong or shall I say may not be perfect. I've learned after 16 years of running Edgewater Gold Radio, that things are never perfect. You need to prioritize the things that are the most important. There are so many elements that go into programming and running a radio station that if you focus on tiny things, you may be overlooking larger issues that need your immediate attention.

For instance, the other day I was listening to my station Edgewater Gold Radio as I frequently do and heard two Beatles songs within the same hour. I immediately checked the separation rules which indicated 1.1hours. This was fine and didn't require any adjustment. The hours of artist separation is a large issue. If it was incorrect, it would require my immediate attention because it affect all music rotation. In this case is was just one song that was coded incorrectly.

So what caused the Beatles to play twice in one hour. It was probably due to a database error. An error which I created when typing in the title and artist. I could have typed "the Beatles instead of just "Beatles"so the system recognized it as two different artists.

Now that, in my opinion this was a small problem that doesn't require my immediate attention. Make a note of the problem and set aside some time to maintain the database. Then go on to what you were doing before. In my case, I was working on our backup auto DJ system. If you spend so much time on the little things......and there always will be little things......bigger things will suffer. This is true especially if you are running the station by yourself. Concentrate on the overall sound and don't stress out on the little things!