Radio Geeks - A Passion I Can't Describe

I'm a radio geek. I grew up listening to the radio like everyone else but there was something different, I didn't only listen to the music, I listened to everything else, the air personalities, jingles, even the commercials. I listened to different stations and compared them. My friends used to say that "Jim can't listen to a radio station unless there is static in it." While we were in the car, I wouldn't listen to the local stations, I knew that they did. I tried to pull in the distant ones and the static that came with them!

When I got to college, my passion for radio became a reality when I worked at the college radio station. I later worked for about 10 commercial radio stations.

I can't explain the passion for radio. Most people aren't interested in the details, they just want to hear the music. Throughout the years, I met many talented "radio geek" individuals like myself.

Only they can relate to what I'm saying in that radio geeks can talk about radio for hours only with other radio geeks. We have a passion for the business, understand the technical aspects and have similar stories to share. Unfortunately most people have no interest in talking about radio. My family loved to hear me on the radio but didn't care what went on behind the scenes.

I now run this internet radio station which takes up lots of time. Why? We'll because I'm a radio geek, have a passion for the music I grew up with and because it makes me happy! The frustrations are many and the costs are high but the satisfaction outweighs the frustrations!

I just wish there were more "radio geeks" that speak my language! After all we're interesting people and have lots and lots of crazy stories to share!