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The Frustration of Troubleshooting Internet Radio Problems

If any of you own and run your own internet radio station, you'll know what I'm talking about here. Things are great when everything is working right but when something happens --"oh no!"

I have a remote DJ who voice tracks several hours during the weekends. I routinely send the playlist hours for him to voice track and he sends them back and I import them into the system. Usually it's a seemless operation. Until this weekend. The files were imported but something didn't look right. I sampled some of the voice tracks and they played fine. When the playlist loaded to air, the problems began. I was out the first time I noticed the problem. The music kept dropping out. This was very frustrating. I first thought that it may be the internet, then I thought that it may be our hosting service, Live 365. Then I didn't know what was happening.The worst thing is that I was out and couldn't get back in time to figure out what the heck was happening. Usually when there is no audio the auto DJ from Live 365 kicks in but there was no audio at all.

I finally got home, dashed into the studio and discovered that the connection was not lost at all. The audio would just cut off. It turned out that the voice tracked files were corrupt. I had to refresh the system, delete the remaining voice tracked files and everything returned to normal! This was very frustrating and is an example of how many different things can go wrong. It's one of the trials and tribulations of running an internet radio station!

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