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Windows 10 Can Reek Havoc on Internet Radio Stations

First let me start with at question. Why in God's name would Microsoft ever release a version of Windows that shuts down at will to update? This can reek havoc on all kinds of businesses including internet radio! I don't know why so many updates are necessary but I do understand that some need to happen.. Even if you change the settings, the relentless Windows 10 will push an update through, and shut down the computer even though your settings tell it not to. What possessed Microsoft to do this?? I keep asking myself this question. Wouldn't have made more sense to notify the consumer of an update and let them choose if and when then want to shut down their computer to install it. No because that would make too much sense and these large corporations simply don't give a crap!

Now enough venting. I have Windows 10 running Edgewater Gold Radio and have changed the settings to inform me before updating. It works at times but some updates are just pushed through shutting down my computer. Luckily it's always in the middle of the night and luckily I have Auto DJ which kicks in immediately. It runs from the cloud and listeners are not dropped.

On the other hand, if this happened while on vacation, I would have no way to restart my computer until I returned home. The Auto DJ would have to run until then. If your are running Windows 10 , always have some kind of a backup plan. Auto DJ would suffice. It's not the best choice but at least you're on the air.


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