Internet Radio Competition - What to Expect

Owning an internet radio station takes lots of time and patience. We talked about what can go wrong. Today we're going to talk about how to acquire an audience and this also takes a lot of patience.

Back in 2002 when I first started Edgewater Gold Radio, there were no smart phones or mobile devices. Internet radio was in it's infancy so there weren't that many stations. You Tube also didn't exist at the time. Your main competition were the terrestrial AM and FM stations.

Today internet technology has improved greatly and there are now thousands and thousands of stations in practically every country in the world! So how does one obtain an audience? It is not easy. I would choose a format and be consistent. Get your station listed on many media directories such as Itunes or Tunein. Here's a link that may help:

This is a tedious process but must be done! Also you must have a website, Facebook and Twitter pages etc. Social media is key. You must promote your station on social media and do it regularly. Boost your posts on a regular basis. There is a cost but you can control them.

You can also do press releases with your local newspaper. Advertising can be expensive, you can go this route but at a significant expense.

Finally don't expect huge numbers, you just aren't going to get them. You want a slow steady growth.

One last point, after owning an internet radio station for over 16 years I can tell you that you WILL see dips in your numbers during the Summer months and Christmas time. This has occurred consistently every year since I've started internet radio!