Music over Money - The Thing that makes Internet Radio More Diverse

During the past few days I've been discussing music formats for radio stations. Edgewater Gold Radio plays a large variety of oldies from the 50s through the 80's. We can do that because the music is the most important thing to me and preserving these great songs has always been one of my goals. Radio advertisers think that anyone over 40 is dead. Therefore, corporate owned terrestrial radio stations play newer music and "poo poo" oldies. These corporate giants don't care about the music, they only care about how much money they can make! So diversity in terrestrial radio has gone by the wayside. Boring cookie cutter formats dominate the radio dial and people over 45 or 50 have no where to turn.

Money is not a priority for internet radio owners, Mainly because it's very difficult to make money. These owners have a passion for music so you get a large variety of formats and can hear all different kinds of music.

Before large corporations bought up most commercial radio stations, individual owners needed to make money but they also had a passion for music (Or whatever format they were broadcasting). There was more variety and also more local flavor. Those days are gone for terrestrial radio but not for internet radio. Internet radio is programmed by individuals who love what they do and the music that they play! You can say it's music over money.