The Quality Not Quantity of Listeners Is What Matters In Internet Radio

Now you're probably asking yourself "what the heck does he mean by quality of listeners?" This is a good question. Quality of listeners means how long a listener is tuned to your station and what are the "turn off" points. Fortunately with digital broadcasting, we can see listener data making it much easier to decide on certain factors such as program modification or format.

It's always great to see high listening numbers in your reports but how long are these people listening? What is the average time a listener tunes into your station. If you have 3,000 listeners on a given day and those listeners are tuned to your station for an average of 1.5 hours, thats much better than having 10,000 listeners tuned to your station for an average of 10 minutes. Do you get what I mean by quality now? It's better to have listeners stay tuned for a longer period of time that have listeners tuning in and out.