Sometimes We Have To Stop Spinning Our Wheels

I tell you this has week has been a bit frustrating for me. I've been working on simulcasting a Classic hits stream for the over night hours on Edgewater Gold Radio. After days of trying to get the stream to run properly and scratching my head trying to figure out while the automation program rules aren't working for this stream, the stream still doesn't follow the rules that were set up. The system is not running the Legal ID or the scheduled commercials at the top of the hour. It is also not starting the stream automatically like it's scheduled to do. So after days of trying everything I could, I've decided to let it go for now and not run the classic hits stream at stick to my regular programming.

If this has happened to you where you've done everything you could and still can't get something to work, take a deep breath, don't waste anymore time, report the problem the technology experts and let them try to figure it out. It's not worth the frustration or anxiety that technology frequently triggers.