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Own an Internet or LPFM Radio station? You Must Promote, Promote, Promote!!!

So you've just put on internet radio station or LPFM on the air and you sit back, listen and are proud of all of your hard work. You may think that the world is listening to you but ....take a deep're the only listener. Why? no one knows you exist, what you do or where to find you!

One of the main mistakes LPFM's and internet radio stations make is concentrate on all of the technicalities and do little or nothing to promote your service. In a sea of hundreds of thousands of stations streaming and on the AM or FM band yours is a spec in the universe! You have to be the one to take the initiative to get the word out.

This takes persistence , time and in some cases money. I spend at least an hour per day to promote Edgewater Gold Radio through social media postings, blogs and newsletters. Make sure you have a working website. If you're an internet station, you must get listed in as many directories as possible. Here's a link to help get you started:

Copy and paste it into your browser.

Use the local newspaper to issue press releases every now and then. If you have an advertising budget, advertise with signs, billboards or ads in the newspaper. It doesn't stop here, you may have to pass out flyers, run promotions and attend events and showcase your station. Keep promoting and don't stop! If you don't you'll be a spec in the universe, no one will know or care that you exist.

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