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Live 365 Hands Down Over Radionomy

If you're thinking of starting an internet radio station, the first thing that you need to do is decide on a hosting service. There are many out there. If you're broadcasting music you can either pay for royalties directly or select a service that pays the royalties for you. The choice is extremely limited This is a separate subject that we're not going to discuss today.

When Live 365 was forced to shut down several years ago, I scrambled to move Edgewater Gold Radio to a different hosting service. I hastily chose Radionomy. It was a free service located in Europe. This was my largest mistake in the 16 years that I'm running Edgewater Gold Radio. Radionomy is a service that offers absolutely no support what so ever. They control your broadcast more than you. Their service isn't reliable at all. If something should go wrong on the weekends, you are stuck until Monday. They have no staff available on weekends to correct any problems. Radionomy makes decisions on their own and rarely informs any of the radio producers. For instance, they can decide to block certain countries from receiving your station without you even knowing it. Now here's the kicker, Radionomy requires that after about nine months of broadcasting your station must attain 130 average listening hours per day. (ATH) If you don't Radionomy will remove your station from their platform then notify you. They are an emotionless service and will cause you so much frustration that it will ruin your passion for broadcasting and destroy all of the hard work that you've been doing to run your internet radio station.

If you want to dabble and experiment with internet broadcasting, then maybe Radionomy will serve you adequately but if you're a serious broadcaster, I would suggest that you NEVER choose Radionomy to host your station!

Luckily Live 365 re-structured and is back. I moved my station back as soon as I could and never looked back! They are reliable and passionate about the radio business. Their customer relations cannot be beat! Yes there is a pay structure but if you want to broadcast music and run a professional internet radio station then I would choose Live 365 over Radionomy hands down!

Remember you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing you get nothing!

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