Listening to Music Then and Now

Music listening has changed dramatically over the years. Throughout my life methods of listening to our favorite tunes evolved from listening on a stationary radio in your home in the early 1950's to AM radio's in cars. The transistor radio was developed in the 1950's but didn't really become popular until the 1960's. I had many transistor radio's as a kid. My radio went with me everywhere. Earphones were available for them but the sound quality was poor. In the developed world nearly every household had a vacuum tube type radio and most cars were being made with radios in them.

We either listened to music on the radio or played vinyl records on a record player.

In 1967 everyone was excited about a new method of listening to music. The eight track tape was developed. All you had to do it slip the tape in a player and away you go! Music flowed like magic. Here are the shortcomings, the eight track player switched tracks in the middle of a song. You would hear a click and the song would continue on the next track.

The cassette quickly followed and was a vast improvement over the eight track. The tape was much smaller, you could record on it and fast foward and rewind it as well.

The walkman was introduced in the 1970's. This gave you the opportunity to listen to cassettes on the go. I always had to have my walkman with me went I went to the gym or anywhere for that matter.

CD's did were not introduced until the 1980's. Digital music took hold and today, we have access to thousands of both audio and visual music on our mobile devices or computers, no records, cassettes, CD's transistor radios etc. Vinyl is making a comeback but I don't believe it will ever become as popular as it was in the 50s 60s and 70s.