Running a Radio Station Takes Work and Dedication If You Have No Desire To Do This.......Turn it Off

Yesterday was a very hot, sticky day on Delmarva so I decided that I would spend the afternoon indoors working on my internet radio station. I usually voice track a day or two but I had more time so I freshened up some of the imaging and developed a library of community information. We aim to include community information in with our regular oldies programming. I recorded ongoing community events and stored them in a folder to rotate in and out of the our programming rotation.

I've heard radio stations that do nothing and sound exactly the same day after day after day! Why bother? I will say to myself ! What an unbelievable waste of time and money. If you're not giving the audience anything, your not getting anything. It amazes me how many people run radio stations and don't have a clue.....not the slightest clue about anything radio related.

If you own an internet or LPFM, please try to keep it fresh. It requires work but that's what it's all about isn't it?. Turning a station on and walking away letting the computer run the same music over and over infuriates me because there are so many dedicated, knowledgeable broadcasters who would love to serve the public and grow an audience. You're just taking up space...turning it off would serve the public better!