Internet Radio vs. Terrestrial Radio

Although terrestrial radio is still the most listened to medium, Internet radio is growing in leaps and bounds. Will terrestrial radio ever go away in the near future, I don't think so especially if they also stream their programming. Here are some recent statistics according to Rain News.

It looks like more and more people are only going to join the streaming audio bandwagon. According to Rain News, audio streaming listening hours are estimated to grow more than 40 percent, from 30 billion in 2014 to 43 billion in 2017. That plays out to be roughly 180 million U.S. digital radio listeners, per eMarketer. It’s no wonder, considering streaming radio is pretty good at what it does.

How so? Advertisers looking to geotarget and pinpoint the just-right consumer can do that with streaming services. “Online listeners are worth their weight in gold to webcasters and advertisers targeting the Internet audience,” said Bill Rose, vice president/general manager, Arbitron Internet Information Services. So that leaves us to ponder where good old-fashioned, turn-the-knob AM/FM terrestrial radio fits in.