Internet Radio Must Be Accessible and Fast!

While growing up, we listened to music on the radio, or on vinyl records and later tapes or CD's. Turning the radio on is an instant, thoughtless process. Turn in on, select the station and out comes the audio. That's it!

While internet radio is making it's mark as an alternative to traditional radio, there is one main problem.....accessibility! We can easily access thousands of internet radio station but still not as easily as we can access traditional radio.

To access internet radio, we have to either, go to a stations website. scroll around, find the "listen" button on click on it. We can also use an app such as Tunein. This requires finding the app, downloading it, searching among thousands and thousands of Internet Radio Stations, selecting the station and clicking on it. Then there's always the buffering.

Although the way we listen to music is changing, in a society now used to instant access, Internet radio needs to be instantly accessible in order to gain audiences.

Don't despair, I can tell you that accessibility is improving and as time goes by, tuning to an Internet Radio station will be as simple or even simpler than tuning to a traditional radio station.....stay tuned!!