If You're a Local Internet Station or a -LPFM - Provide Local Information

Local stations especially LPFM's should be a real asset to the community. They should provide a community with local information that won't be heard anywhere else.

A major hurricane is expected to barrel into the east coast later this week. If LPFM's were really doing the job that their license was assigned for, they would be preparing the local public for any affects that the storm may bring. They would be in constant communication with local officials and delivering accurate information regarding emergency plans and hurricane or tropical storm preparedness.

Local stations and LPFM's can really zero in on issues directly affecting the public.

This is one of the main purposes of a local radio station. To provide local programs and keep the audience informed especially during an emergency. This is a must for local stations and this should be a requirement in order to obtain a license.

The FCC has mountains of technical rules and regulations, so many tiny details that you have to adhere to, so much red tape that you sometimes want to vomit but yet once a license in obtained, they do virtually nothing to ensure that these stations are serving the public!! They should require stations to submit monthly programming logs! If this were done,communities would be much better served and stations would be forced to adhere to quality programming!