Free Mobile App for Internet Radio Stations

Edgewater Gold Radio uses Nextkast Software to run our programming. The software developer has introduced a free mobile app for internet radio broadcasters. Here's a post from Winston Potgieter explaining how to acquire this app. More great things are coming for Internet radio!

We Would Like to Give your Internet Station a Free Mobile app (some strings attached ...) We love small internet radio broadcasters and want to move the inter

net radio platform to the general public.

We have created an Exclusive internet radio directory that takes a very simple and unique approach to the internet Radio Directory, have a look at the site.

To get more people to use the platform we need help spreading the word, but at the same time we will give you Preset #1 on our Mobile app. When you sign up with us, we will send you a custom link that you can share with your listeners, when they click on the link, they will download the myradiotuner app, then when it opens on their device, your station will be preset #1. It's a great way to get a free mobile app for your station!