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The Weather Can Affect Internet Radio

Terrestrial radio is vulnerable to severe weather. I can't tell you how many times while I was on the air and a thunderstorm or ice storm hit knocking the station off the air. We were plunged into darkness in an instant. Most of the time we were off the air for hours, days sometimes. A couple of stations had backup transmitters. I had to make my way with a flashlight to the transmitter room and attempt to fire up the auxiliary transmitter which ran off a generator. This could be a daunting task!

Even though Hurricane Florence didn't affect southern Delaware the way that it did the Carolina's, Edgewater Gold Radio had signal problems. On Friday as the hurricane was making landfall, our stream kept going off and on. This went on for over an hour until it finally stabilized. The internet is filled with millions of victims of the hurricane . Cellular service is compromised. This creates a drain on the system causing instability. We are still experiencing some minor disturbances in our stream like a "blip" sound. Hopefully this will go back to normal soon.

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