Tweeking the Format

If a radio programmer, one of the things that can gradually ruin you is complacency. As programmers, we are always tweeking our formats even if what we're doing is working well. If you're programming a music station, you should be changing the rotation periodically, adding additional songs, retiring some songs and adding some new features to your program from time to time.

Tweeking is not the same a "changing." For instance as an oldies station, I recently, took out the Summer imaging, added some music to the library and altered the rotation a bit to keep the day time more up tempo. I didn't make any changes that would affect our oldies format. Be careful when tweeking. Monitor the results and adjust accordingly.

We added a disco show on Saturday nights and exclusive 60s and 70s weekend programming. I am very pleased with the results so far. Keep your programming fresh, tweek every now and then.