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A Frustrating Technical Glitch

Most radio station owners and operators always strive for excellence. Sometimes we're perfectionists expecting everything to go perfectly all the time. In reality, this isn't the case. There is always something that we're trying to improve. Before automation, we had to deal with equipment failures. I remember working at a radio station where all of the music was on vinyl records. We had two turntables and in the middle of my show, one of the preamps on the turntable gave out. The result.....only one turntable. Can you imagine how difficult it was to run a music show that used only vinyl records using only one turntable??

Edgewater Gold Radio uses automation software and uses Live 365 as it's ISP. The signal from my computer goes directly to the Live 365 servers through an encoder. I have to run several minutes of network commercials per hour as part of my agreement with Live 365. When a commercial break comes up, a signal is sent to Live 365, commercials for the DC/Delaware area are triggered. The problem that I'm facing now is that this signal seems to be triggered too soon cutting off imaging liners, weather forecasts or what ever was airing just before the commercials. This as been my main frustration. I've put a workaround in place but have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works. Live 365 is also working to determine the reason for this glitch.

Radio technology has improved tremendously over the years and I think we expect perfection. We didn't get perfection in the "old days," why should be expect it now?

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