Crazy Sounds on Edgewater Gold Radio

When you're not an engineer, getting the sound right can be a maddening task! I added a new audio processor to Edgewater Gold Radio and was working on getting the sound just right. As audiophiles know there are many many settings and unless you know specifically how each setting affects your output sound, you will be literally working in the dark.

Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to "play" with the settings without the help of someone who is very familiar with processors. There were times when the station sounded like a "Tin can" or the bass was set so high that you couldn't even understand the lyrics. I also did something that affected the voice tracks. They were so loud compared to the music.Then a warbling sound etc etc etc. This drove me nuts!

Thank goodness, I consulted with very experienced radio colleague and he helped me through this daunting process.

Going forward I think I'll stick with programming and consult engineering professionals when necessary!