Advertising for Internet Radio is $$$$ You Must Be Creative

Sometimes I feel as if I'm stuck in an ocean filled with millions of internet and commercial radio stations and the truth is, I am! With so many choices plus terrestrial radio at your doorstep, how can we stand out and make ourselves unique? The answer is not an easy one. First of all, the sound quality of our station must be great! That alone can be a daunting task. The format is also important. There is so much competition. Personally, I will not play music that I can't listen to myself. I can't program contemporary music because I just don't like it even though I know that lots of teeny boppers would listen. I sacrifice listeners for better quality programming in my opinion. I would rather program music that triggers great memories for myself and for the baby boomer generation.

So with limited funds how can we get the word out? There are ways but it takes lots of persistence. You must get your station in as many directories as possible. We discussed this in a previous blog post.We can post flyers around the area especially if you're offering local programming. Edgewater Gold Radio offers local community news and events, ferry schedules and weather in addition to the music. Periodic press releases are also helpful. I use some advertising and social media on a regular basis.

This task is not easy and may not get you the audience that you expect.

Let me offer you a little perspective. I started Edgewater Gold Radio in 2002. At that time internet radio was in it's early stages. After two years my audience was over 200,000 listeners a month with 130,000 listening hours !! I offered the same oldies format as what I do today but it was presented much more primitively than what it is today! Today it's not nearly that number, why? the answer is competition. Back then, there were only a few hundred internet stations to choose from today there are millions!! The slice of the pie has gotten much smaller!