If You're a Music Station...Play Music Applies to Both Internet and Commercial Stations

I once worked for a pop vocal/ big band AM radio station in the 90's and early 2000's. The station had private owners who really could not retain an effective advertising department. Another problem was that the station's signal did not effectively cover their official coverage area. It's 10,000 watt signal would reach into Long Island and Connecticut but was very unstable in Bergen County NJ where the stations studio's and transmitters were.

Little by little infomercials began dotting the stations landscape. The music would stop at the top of an hour and an infomercial would play for at least a half hour.Dozens of listener complaints poured in. I expressed my concern to the Program Director who said to me that although he doesn't agree with the infomercials, the owners feel that these infomercials will bring in money and help keep the station on the air. I replied why don't they get a good advertising department and promote the station properly? Eventually the music went away altogether and so did the audience or any audience that was left at the time.

My point is if you are going to program music, that's what your audience expects. They will never tolerate, blocks of talk stuck in between the music. Your programmers may think that infomercials bring in money, what good is it if you have no audience and believe me YOU WILL HAVE NO AUDIENCE! If you don't have an audience, you're better off shutting down the station and turning in you license.