Some Radio Statistics To Mull Over

Radio listening statistics in this day and age are a bit more complex. Social media and internet radio has joined the force of radio and music listeners. has put together some listening trends in 2017.

Radio is the third most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 54 percent of the country’s population daily. In comparison, over 75 percent are reached by television, while social media accounts for 45.7 percent. Online radio is playing an increasing role in the radio market, with an estimated 61 percent of the U.S. population listening to online radio in 2017.

American radio stations generated a total revenue of almost 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, of which 810 million dollars was generated online. Pandora Corporate is the frontrunner in the online radio market, consistently averaging over two million active sessions. Spotify is also a big player in the industry and almost 200 million unique visitors used its website in 2017. The omnipresence of advertising on radio, heard in cars as well as in public areas, is an incentive for many businesses to invest in this medium of advertising. The leading investor in radio advertising is the Comcast Corporation. In 2016, this company spent 179.4 million dollars on radio advertising, in comparison to the 176.2 million spent by T-Mobile US in second place.